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16 November 2009 @ 03:14 pm
November Stats  
8 month photo

1.) Baby's age and current statistics ): Sebastian is 8 months, He is 29 inches long and 23 pounds.
2) How is your little one doing overall? What fun things happened with babe in the last month? He is sitting up, grabbing his spoon from me and trying to feed himself.
3) How are YOU doing? Anything you want to share about what you have done or felt in the past month? Any questions or concerns? Any upcoming plans?
We are going to get pictures done on Novemebr 29th for late Halloween, 9 month milestone, and some Christmas pictures.. It will be alot but I have fallen behind on professional portraits. :( I have already started my Christmas Shopping which has been really fun so fr, and I have already started plannign his 1 year old birthday party. :)
And the extras:
e1) Tell us about something fun you and baby did this month.; Seby and I practice crawling together I crawl and he stares :) lol He has gotten very vocal the past couple weeks and he has been grabbing everything and putting it in his mouth. He is teething
e2) What was your first car, and how/where did you acquire itL: 69 VM Bug, and I got it for my 16th birthday..
e3) Photo extra... Hallowe'en of course!
playing dress up