This article suggests that breastfeeding is ruining marriages...

I just posted this to another community, so I'm sorry for anyone who gets it twice, but I can't even believe this article, and I'm so irritated/surprised that I have to share:

I have so many issues with what he has to say!  I can't even believe this guy is advising couples.  Ugh!

Sorry it's late-- March questions

Happy March!  I've been loving the birthday posts-- looking forward to more!

1) Baby's age and current statistics (if you know them):
2) How is your little one doing overall? What fun things happened with babe in the last month?
3) How are YOU doing? Anything you want to share about what you have done or felt in the past month? Any questions or concerns? Any upcoming plans?
4) Show us a baby pic or two

extras...  I'm going to skip them this time, since we should be having lots of year-in-photos posts coming up!  Plus, I'm super busy today (which is why I didn't post this this morning).  But feel free to add something if you want to!

November Stats

8 month photo

1.) Baby's age and current statistics ): Sebastian is 8 months, He is 29 inches long and 23 pounds.
2) How is your little one doing overall? What fun things happened with babe in the last month? He is sitting up, grabbing his spoon from me and trying to feed himself.
3) How are YOU doing? Anything you want to share about what you have done or felt in the past month? Any questions or concerns? Any upcoming plans?
We are going to get pictures done on Novemebr 29th for late Halloween, 9 month milestone, and some Christmas pictures.. It will be alot but I have fallen behind on professional portraits. :( I have already started my Christmas Shopping which has been really fun so fr, and I have already started plannign his 1 year old birthday party. :)
And the extras:
e1) Tell us about something fun you and baby did this month.; Seby and I practice crawling together I crawl and he stares :) lol He has gotten very vocal the past couple weeks and he has been grabbing everything and putting it in his mouth. He is teething
e2) What was your first car, and how/where did you acquire itL: 69 VM Bug, and I got it for my 16th birthday..
e3) Photo extra... Hallowe'en of course!
playing dress up
you don't say!

3rd baby gift?

A friend of mine just had her 3rd baby (a 3rd boy), and I'm trying to decide what to get them as a baby present.  I wish I lived closer and could give them babysitting!  Kind of stuck on what would be baby-related but still useful for them.  Any thoughts from parents of more than one kiddo?  Or parents of just one, if you've got a good idea, too!  Thanks, everyone.


Just wondering if any of your babies cry while they are sleeping. Last night Sebastian was sleeping and crying so badly he couldnt catch his breathe. I couldn't wake him up, when I tried to wake him up he would cry harder.  I just rocked him and cryed myself :(  It was so emotionally exhausting not to know why he was upset. I know he was really tired but Is this normal?
Tristan cute

6 month (and change) Update

Hadn't posted in a while, the kids keep me busy and I am back to work and school, but I wanted to see how everyone was:) Who has started solids and how are they going? Who's crawling and/or sitting? Who has teeth? Raymi started crawling this week. She'd been doing the rocking back and forth for about two weeks now but has finally started going places. Her brother didnt crawl till nearly 9 months! So this came as much of a shock to us. Though really she has always been ahead of where Tristan was at her age. She still doesn't have anything teeth and Dr. says it will be at least another 2 months. She won't get to a sitting position on her own yet but if you sit her up she will stay there and play for a good 20-30 minutes before going to crawl position. She is eating solids 3 times a day. Little chunker weighs 17lbs! O_O ...that's all I have to say about that. She's still a TERRIBLE sleeper. Like a newborn, up 4-5 times a night and hard to get back down. T was sleeping through the night by now. Maybe up once but that's it. I guess I just got spoiled with him lol. She also is just started to vocalize more but still not as much as her brother who started around 4 months. Her new thing is g buzzing her lips. I want to know how everyone else is doing! Are you tired mama's or finally getting energy back? How goes the post baby pound shedding? I am finally losing mine but I think its been cause I have been sick lately. The one bad thing about the kids starting daycare is they catch everything! More Tristan than Raymi but ugh I swear I catch a cold if I so much as hear about someone having one!

Some cute pics of my little crab:)

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Hello, I just decided to join just to see if my little one is about up to par as all the others. My baby's name is Sebastian. He is 26 inches long and 19 pounds.

He was born 8 weeks early, and was born at 4.5 pounds. He is currently trying to roll over but get bored and gives up. He is starting to teeth a little and Carrots and Pears are his favorites. He is more vocal now.

I don't know if I am going through something but I want another baby, like now. Of course I am over 30.. so maybe just experience some pregnancy withdrawls.. Anyone else feeling the same. We have decided to try again.. Im nervous and maybe think Im crazy.

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