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07 August 2009 @ 09:48 am
mischa is growing out of clothes like a weed. we usually hit up the local children's consignment shop if we need more of something. like today, i realized she's growing out of her little jackets and sweaters and we don't have anything warm to wear in the next size up! i want to sell some of her clothes to the consignment shop so i can use that money to buy more stuff. but i'm feeling very attached to them. i think "what if we have another girl and i kick myself for selling all her cute stuff?" but the rational side of me thinks "this stuff will probably be out of style and i'll want newer stuff when we have another" or "we'll probably have a boy anyways, so it doesn't matter." is anyone else feeling super attached to their baby's things? to those with more than one, is it worth it to keep EVERYTHING? what should i keep?
31 July 2009 @ 08:20 pm
mischa had her 4 month check up today. she's 14 pounds (55th percentile) and 25 inches (75th percentile) and had her second set of shots. her doctor said something to me that sort of bothered me though. she was telling me that babies truly are a gift even if they aren't planned. i told her "oh, but mischa was planned. my husband and i were married and then decided to have kids." she chimed in with "well, it didn't take you very long to get pregnant...." okay, really though, it didn't, but is that any of her business? did she think that just because i look young means i got pregnant by accident? (i'm 27 but get mistaken for early 20's/late teens all the time.)

and while we're on the topic of people irritating me...

last sunday we walked up the street to our town's farmer's market. it was a warm day so i made sure mischa had sun block and a sun hat on. she was also in her stroller with the hood over her. while looking at some fruit, this woman came up to me and asked if i needed sun block for my baby because she "had some in her purse." i told her no thank you, i already put some on her. i glanced down to see if she looked red and nope, pale as can be. she said "oh, i'm a mom so it's just a mom thing." i looked her straight in the eye and said "yeah, i'm a mom too." like she's the only mother in the world who ever thought of putting sun block on her child! she probably assumed i was the nanny or older sister or something. you know what happens when people assume.... ;)
08 July 2009 @ 04:26 pm
when renting a car, has anyone rented one of their carseats as well? i just called the car rental place and the guy was clueless and said it was a convertable carseat but could only face forward. that didn't make sense to me because we have a convertable carseat and it can be either forward or rear facing. we're renting a car through enterprise if that makes any difference.
20 June 2009 @ 08:27 am
in honor of father's day, comment with a picture of your baby and their daddy!

mischa and her daddyCollapse )

happy father's day! (even though i don't think there are any dad's in this community!)
17 June 2009 @ 09:37 am
I received a gift card from a Vendor at work for our new baby. It was to a local coffee establishment. I went to use it today and it didn't work, I think it got demagnetized. The card that the gift card was placed in had a magnet attached to it as part of the card.

So here's my question. I've already thanked the Vendor, it's been at least a month since it was given, do I tell him that it didn't work? I wasn't expecting any kind of "gift" to begin with. Or do I just let it go? I don't know how much was on the card, so I don't know if its appropriate to mention it to him.


13 June 2009 @ 10:32 pm
Elchanan has started to clamp down on my nipple with his gums and then turn his head away or lean back.

With my nipple still in his mouth.

Of course it's hard to be angry when he's got such a shit-eating grin on his face while he does it.... like he KNOWS what he's doing is wrong and just doesn't care... LOL.
06 June 2009 @ 04:27 pm
mischa's baby book has a page where you can fill in the cost of living during the year she was born (obviously this year!) it lists the average price for a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, diapers, movie ticket, cotton shirt, gallon of gas, computer, car, family vacation, and monthly rent or mortgage. i've been looking around online but i can't seem to find anywhere that says any of these. i could fill in my own answer but i'm a thrifty shopper and always go to the cheapest store or buy store brand. i'd like to fill in the answer with washington state's average prices on these things. is there a site that lists things like this?

edit: http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/pricebasket.html guess i should have searched harder before making a post. oh well, hope others find this handy!
01 June 2009 @ 11:22 am
So...  I know nothing about html except what I've learned in this community, and also don't know much about LJ in general (I have a free account, so maybe some of the things that I can't figure out how to do, I just can't do without upgrading my account) but...

some questions:

can anyone describe for me how I would go about updating our user info page table, which has the names and births of some of our babies, but is missing many of them?

a couple of questions about tags-- didn't another mod say she was going to tag entries?  I try to add the tags when I think of it and have time, but I know there are many entries that are missing tags.  Is there a reason why only mods can tag?

also-- is there an easy way to combine tags, or if we want to do that, do we need to go through all the individual entries?  I'm thinking that it is better to just have "birth announcement" rather than that as well as "birth announcements".  There are a few things like that that I'd like to change.

Finally, a number of entries are tagged birth announcement, but they are also birth stories.  Should I make a separate tag so that we can find birth stories easily, or is that not useful b/c we are all done giving birth and don't need to go back and find birth stories?

Does anyone else in the community have housekeeping concerns?  Let me/us know, and maybe we can fix them!

Thanks, everyone!

22 May 2009 @ 05:42 pm
Anya is our first, so this will be Steve's first Fathers' Day as a dad.  I know there are other new parents, too.  Any ideas what you will be doing?  Steve isn't really sentimental, but he does love being a dad and hanging out with Anya, so I think he might enjoy some kind of marking of the day.  (I welcome comments from moms with older kids, too, but I just guessed that your kiddos might be involved in the planning and doing, which obviously Anya isn't doing yet-- although she did roll over today!  what an advanced baby!!  maybe she will be helping me plan....)

Here they are, when Anya was only 3 days old!!  Oh my has she grown and changed!

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20 May 2009 @ 04:27 pm
I just found the community so hadn't had a chance to introduce myself and my little one yet!

2. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Chicago, IL (South suburbs technically, LOL)
4. WHAT IS YOUR STATUS (married/single/SO/etc.)? Single
5. HOW MANY WEEKS PREGNANT ARE YOU? Not pregnant anymore. I gave birth at 40 weeks and 4 days. :)
7. DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER CHILDREN? Dylan is my only one.

I won't get into full birth story details right now. Dylan was born March 12th at 3:05 a.m. He was 9 lbs. 6 oz. at birth and 20.5 inches long! Yes, he was a big boy and still is. He's currently 10 weeks and 12 lbs., 23 inches long. In my opinion, I've never seen a better looking baby, but I'm biased.

I look forward to being here and seeing the other pictures. :)

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Have a great day everyone!!
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