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march_2009's Journal

Babies due or born in March 2009
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Babies due or born in March 2009
~*~For mothers and fathers expecting a baby in or around March 2009.~*~

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General Community Rules
~Respect Others. Do not pass judgment. There will be mothers here of all different parenting styles. They may do things differently than you did or plan to do. Please show general respect for each other as we each have the right individually as mothers to choose our own ways to parent. You don't have to agree with how someone does something, just don't be mean or don't say anything at all.
~No Drama. No snarking. We're all adults here!
~If you have a problem speak to a mod.
~Have fun! You can meet a lot of great other mom's here!

We do a monthly update!
Please feel free to start the Monday update if and_after_that hasn't already! Just copy and paste this into the entry:

1) Baby's age and current statistics (if you know them):
2) How is your little one doing overall? What fun things happened with babe in the last month?
3) How are YOU doing? Anything you want to share about what you have done or felt in the past month? Any questions or concerns? Any upcoming plans?
4) Show us a baby pic or two

and then add your own questions for more fun! With more of us posting out the weekly update we'll have a better variety of questions:) Also be sure to mention in your post to have everyone put their responses in the comments so we can see everyone's updates in one spot and dont flood the community:)

Fun Stuff and Links!

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Fun Birthday Facts based on March 1 due date, most go through month of March though:)

* Your baby's birthstone will be Aquamarine (Courage)
* Your baby's Astrological Sign will be Pisces
* Your baby's Flower is Daffodil or Jonquil (White or Light Blue)
* Your baby will be born in the Chinese Year of The Ox
* This time next year your baby will be 28 Weeks Old!
* Your baby will start kindergarten in 2014, be old enough to drive a car in 2025, finish high school in 2027, and will graduate from college with the class of 2031, give or take a year.

To get your exact info go to:

Fun Baby Horoscopes thank to Zodiac baby!

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PISCES ~ February 20 - March 20

Tenderhearted, intuitive, creative, with boundless imagination and the soul of a poet, your Pisces child excels in work and play activities that utilize these wonderful gifts. Water and music soothes the spirit and nurtures talent too. Trying to shield this intuitive child from unpleasant emotions or experiences is impossible, so deliver the truth, tailored to suite his/her age.

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ARIES ~ March 22 - April 20

Get ready for the ride of your life — this little soul is a powerhouse of energy and talents. Active is the keyword, and fearless too, so remove tall objects once climbing is mastered or attach a bungee cord for safety's sake. Innate confidence and natural leadership abilities can lead to success in a myriad of fields. Discipline is needed, but not so firm that it breaks his/her spirit.

Fun facts and info on the month of March (did you know it used to be the first month of the year?):


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If you have an update to add to our due date list please let secondchances21 know!

Our Due Date List!
(Last updated 09/08/08.)

Parent Info Sibling(s) Baby Info Birth Info
Due Date Name Date Weight Length
popcornoblivion (Holly)
(Khoe Dhee)
03-06-09 Benjamin William 02-12-2009 7lb 14oz 22 inches
noonle (Nicole)
Corey, July 27, 2006
03-01-2009 Laural Jessica 02-13-09 5lbs 11oz 19 inches
purple_onyx (Shan)
Kianna 02-28-09 5lbs 1.5oz
mummy_love (Taysha)
Ella and Brocklan
Rylee 03-10-09 7lbs 1oz 17 inches
chippyjem (Krystal)
Jack- 04/28/07
02-23-2009 Roman Howll  02-18-09  7lbs 12oz  19.75 inches
secondchances21 (Lindsay)
Tristan Shane 01/01/2008 03-02-2009 Sarina Raymielle "Raymi"  03-03-09  7lbs 9oz  21 inches
vixxen (Cassondra)
Kain, December 13, 2007
03-04-2009 It‘s a secret!      
thestarsgoblind (Amber)
03-05-2009 Abigail Elise      
teamboo825 (Nikki
03-05-2009 Sonja or Rhett      
jellybeener (Aubrey)
03-07-2009 --      
chaos_in_action (Heather)
Logan (09/14/06)
03-08-2009 --      
sardonyx_78 (Becky)
Georgia Elizabeth 04-27-07
03-08-2009 Jacob Alexander or Lily Euphemia      
sleeping_pill (Hillary)
Tristan and Lucas - 6/28/04 (twins!)
03-09-2009 Lila Jane  03-10-09  7lbs 11oz  
tan_gerine (Tara)
03-09-2009 --      
girlx512 (Kristy)

03-09-2009 --      
faeriesong (Sam)
Tobin- 6-23-03
Alex- 12-9-04
Chloe- 12-22-06

03-11-2009 --      
behind_my_smile (-)
limejuice (-)
5 yr old daughter
03-11-2009 It‘s a surprise!      
ms_interpret (Shannon)
lavandersparkle 1995 and Holden - 2006 03-12-2009 Carter Christopher  03-03-09  6lbs 6oz  49cm
mummo74 (Petra)
Jón, Oct-29-03; Elín Oct-04-05
03-13-2009 It’s a secret!      
neerggirl ()
Noah 12-20-06
03-13-2009 Aaron Judson      
cmon (Carol)
Olivia, 8/14/07
03-14-2009 Simon or Julia      
spoofed (Laura)
Josef, born May 9th 2006
03-14-2009 Aleks      
allykitty5 (Kim)
Andrew, 2 yrs old, 4-14-06
03-15-2009 Cadence      
irish_flutterby (Melissa Sue)
Melody (1/28/97), Kayla (7/15/98), Ambrosia (3/15/02), Lucian (5/13/07)
03-16-2009 Johnnie Christopher or Beverlie Senta      
feeltherain (Toni)
Cristian (09/28/06)
03-16-2009 Dimitri Morgan      
sorryyouasked (Kerry)
none 03-17-2009 --      
katznjeep (Kat)
Aeryn (5) and Zofia [Zoe] (3)
03-17-2009 Jesse Michael-Jameson      
nurse_quigg (Dawnie)
03-17-2009 --      
coercedbynutmeg (coercedbynutmeg
03-18-2009 --      
kmelion (Devo)
TC 8/10/91, SR 8/27/92, NS 5/15/07
03-19-2009 --      
sparkleandfade_ (Crystal)
03-20-2009 Lincoln or ??      
springtrio (Annie)
Vincent - 4/06, and Landon - 5/07
03-20-2009 Alton Antonio 02-26-09 8lbs 5oz 21 inches
vraesgame (Vanessa)
Madison 11-14-01, Makenna 7-30-04
03-22-2009 Willard or ??      
meghatron (-)

03-23-2009 --      
hellosarah (Sarah)
Elizabeth 06-2006
03-24-2009 It‘s a secret!      
and_after_that (Joanna)
03-25-2009 --      
disassociation (Leigh)
03-25-2009 --      
steph5628 (Stephanie)
03-27-2009 --      
andtheroadgoes (Crystal)
Kevin, 7/1/88 and Chelsey 10/17/95
03-28-2009 --      
humbird (Janel)
none 03-30-2009 --